Marketing at

Marketing at Let’s make it easier for everyone to experience the world Marketing is a crucial part of everything we do at We do business in more than 180 countries around the world and we need to make sure that people find us and know us. We run a wide variety of marketing […]

Leadership at

Leadership at Our Leadership Team Our leaders at help shape and define our vision and provide our employees with the resources to reach their full potential. We have come a long way, and engaged with millions of people around the world on a daily basis. But as we transform and scale our business […]

Tier III – Template

Summer 2022 Machine Learning Research Internship Who are we looking for? Our research team is working on cutting edge NLP and AI research to innovate new product ideas and enhance existing products to analyze large amounts of NLP Data. This will allow our customers to leverage the power of NLP processing to analyze intention and […]

SRE at

Site Reliability Engineering at What We Do With millions of transactions per day, requires a solid infrastructure that’s constantly monitored. Our Site Reliability Engineers improve upon the performance and dependability of our varied technology systems, continuously working towards bringing big ideas to reality. They build and embrace change, coding their way to ensure […]

Women in Tech 2022

Women in Tech At, Women in Tech isn’t just a phrase used to describe a group of people. It’s a journey of creating an environment where all women feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to discover their own path in a world of tech. Our ambition is to achieve parity in representation […]

How we work

Hybrid Way of Working at From surviving to thriving– our Hybrid Way of Working Pilot At, we believe in experimentation and collaborative problem solving. Finding the best ways of working for our own people is no exception.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach for how teams and individuals work and collaborate. And when it […]

Our Gender Representation Journey

Our Gender Representation Journey At, our diversity gives us strength. We know that the more diverse we are, the more perspectives, skills and experiences we have, the closer we get to making it easier for everyone to experience the world.  But diversity alone isn’t enough. We know that to benefit from our diversity, we […]

Our Gender Representation Journey

Our Gender Representation Journey This page is under construction. Soon you will be able to visit this page to learn more about’s initiatives to increase women’s representation.

Technology Careers in Shanghai China 2022

Technology Careers – Shanghai, China Who are we looking for? aims to connect more guests with meaningful experiences. Being data-driven, we think like entrepreneurs and challenge the present to create a better future. That is why our teams in Shanghai – including Engineering, Testing, Data, Product, and Design – need talent like you! Bring […]

Machine learning at

Machine Learning at Let’s explore the Machine Learning world together We are on a ground-breaking journey, working to improve the user experience for millions of travellers as they discover the world with us.  The Machine Learning Platform powers us to deliver personalized travel experiences for customers across the globe. Our teams use advanced […]