Our employee journeys.

Many career paths, one brilliant journey together.

“I studied chemistry, now I design payment systems! If you know how to think and can structure your approach, you’ve got skills that can be applied to any challenge. get that completely.”

Change and discovery define both Mandy’s passions and her career. Although she’s from the (famously flat) Netherlands, she used to love skiing each winter. But then she found that her real happy place is actually somewhere warm, with clear seas and great diving. Meeting a rare giant sunfish, rather than a blizzard.
She made an equally dramatic swerve in her career. From a master’s degree in Chemistry to a Solutions Engineer. Talk about adaptable! Mandy designs solutions to make sure our customers have the smoothest payment experiences, wherever they are. It’s an ever-evolving challenge, requiring quick thinking and agility. (Qualities she has in spades.)

Mandy – Senior Solutions Engineer

“Technology that has a positive human impact and helps people connect better. That’s what really counts. I love running software development projects at because that’s exactly what we do!”

Alibek’s work passion is supporting his team as they develop new mobile software to help create perfect, frictionless trips for travellers.
Away from the office, he loves getting to know new cities by running through them. It’s his way of finding the heart of a place. And as one of the first Kazakhs to join in 2016, he knows the importance of feeling at home somewhere new.
Wherever our customers are, Alibek’s team make sure we offer all the local and personal support they might need throughout their journey. All joined up, all in one place. From ensuring hotel rooms have parking, to booking restaurants, to suggesting great experiences. So everyone can enjoy more of what a place has to offer.

Alibek – Engineering Manager 

“Amsterdam is the perfect city for me. A lot going on and very diverse, yet small enough to feel relaxed and at home in. And there’s a great mix of people at too…the whole world is here.”
Zulal’s role at is all about looking for potential risks, making sure what could go wrong just never does. She helps make sure our systems are protected and our teams are prepared. It’s exciting, and it’s pretty full-on. So when she travels, she wants to unwind completely. Whether that’s sitting in a Florence café with a coffee and a good book. Or snoozing on the beach back home in Turkey. We all need the chance to recharge. And making sure our team members find the work-life balance (and the trips away), that help them do that, is just as important as finding the perfect travel experiences for our customers.
Zulal IT Risk & Control

“Numbers tell a story that can make a big difference to people’s daily lives. My job is about giving people information to empower them.”

Brazilian born and raised, Naomi has a natural empathy and openness. In her role as a Reporting Analyst, she makes sure over 1,000 account managers around the world have the numbers they need to track their results each month.
Naomi knows those numbers have a huge impact on people’s personal and professional journey. So she’s passionate about making them accessible and super-simple, helping ensure everyone gets the rewards they deserve.
When she’s off on her own travels, a passion for local cuisines takes Naomi to all sorts of out-of-the-way places – discovering new dishes and meeting new people.
For us, people and places are what it’s all about, too. Creating great experiences for our customers and helping our teams succeed.

Naomi – Reporting Analyst

“Finding great people who’ll love working with us, and getting to the heart of where they want their career journey to take them – that’s really satisfying.”

When he’s not scanning the horizon for the best tech talent, Joris is likely to be watching out for the next big wave anywhere from Portugal to Costa Rica.
Luckily for us, he’s as passionate about great people as he is about the great outdoors. He loves matching individuals to the roles that suit them best, helping them bring their true selves to work and follow a career journey that’s right for them.
As Joris says, it’s the talent that counts. So he’s right at home at (Even if the surfing isn’t great in Amsterdam).

Joris – Tech Recruiter

“I love being able to celebrate our Latinx community, bringing our culture and character to work with us! When people can be themselves, it enriches everyone’s understanding and experiences. In our careers and in life.”

Marcela is a true world citizen. Aged just 17, she left Chile to study and live in China, where she lived for over a decade. Here in Amsterdam, she helps us design localised products for our customers all over the globe.
She makes sure everyone feels at home while using our products in their own language. Living and working in cultures very different from her own led Marcela to reach out to the Latinx community at too. Her aim is to create a deeper sense of belonging, so everyone feels they can celebrate being themselves and comfortably express their unique culture and values in an international environment.

Marcela – Junior Product manager

Stories from across the globe

At, we know people experience the world differently. That’s why we believe diversity gives us strength. Below is a collection of stories about the people behind our company and all the ways they experience the world.

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Parham's story

A New way of solving problems
Parham has had to overcome challenges his whole life. Now, as a developer at, when he solves a problem, he does it for millions of customers. And that makes him feel pretty special.
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Phamotse's story

A Journey of acceptance

He grew up thinking he wouldn’t be accepted for who he was. Or who he loved. He had to challenge himself to have the courage to always be himself. Thankfully, he didn’t have to do this alone. He had family and friends who supported him. A company that welcomed him. And colleagues that accepted him.
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Lucie's story

A Balanced work life
Lucie is a data scientist, a particle physicist, a team leader, horse rider, mother and wife. Finding the balance between all of this meant leaving a life of academia behind. Moving her analytical mind from research databases to technology datasets. Spending more time with her family and less time in her notes. Fortunately for Lucie, she works in a country, city and company that give her the freedom to do this.
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Wendy's story

Rediscovery your Rhythm
Wendy left Kenya for love. It meant leaving behind her family, friends and the confidence to fully express herself. Now that confidence is back. Her family is growing. New friends keep her connected to Kenya. And her colleagues, well, they’re always happy to jam.
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Chalom's story

Long distance thinking

Chalom is a runner. Morning after morning, mile after mile, he hits the road. But this isn’t jogging. This is ultra marathon running. It gives him time to reflect on the past and focus on the future. To remember his father and think about his son.

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Dima's story

Building a Community
Dima is more than a data scientist and team lead, he’s one of the originators of Tel Aviv’s thriving scientific communities. He’s also a tutor, a mentor and a father – helping to build a community that’s building the technology of tomorrow.