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New York

5 questions with...Sarah Leroy

Describe your current role at

I’m an Area Manager in New York for our Local Partner Services team. I lead a team of Market Team Managers, KAM, Senior Account Managers, Account Managers and Account Executives that cover three states and New York City. I’m in charge of the strategic aspect, deployment of the company objectives and changes, supporting the partners’ growth and my role is also to lead with compassion, authenticity and support every team member to become the best version of themselves. 

What is something you really like about our New York office?

The people, the diversity, my team and being able to interact with other departments in the office.

You’ve been at for 10 years! What are some reasons that you’ve stayed so long?

The people I met along the way who had an impact on my personal and professional growth and journey. Also, the opportunity to work in three different countries and six offices within four different roles. 

You have worked for in a few different countries. Can you describe your career journey and how has helped to support your professional development?

I started to work with in France in the Nice office as a Junior Account Manager and Account Manager. Being mobile since day one helped me to be able to apply in different countries. I worked in France for two years and then moved to Montreal, Canada initially for an Account Manager role as part of an assignment. After one year they offered me a permanent position. I ended up staying three years in Montreal as an Account Manager in major cities. I got promoted to Senior Account Manager (current Market Team Manager) and moved to Calgary, Canada for one and a half years. I then joined the US team as a Senior Account Manager for one year (current Market Team Manager) for the Greater New York Team based in the NYC office. In 2020, I relocated as a Senior Account Manager (current Market Team Manager) to the Washington DC team for one year. Then, one and a half years ago I came back to NYC as the Area Manager for both New York Metro and Greater New York areas. 

I have to say that in any step of my career I have been fortunate to meet people that supported me in my growth and my journey. I always had a mentor that was there to help my professional growth and helped me to unlock potential I hadn't discovered at the time.

What is one way that you’re helping to make it easier for everyone to experience the world?

Supporting our company objectives and values every day and supporting my team on a day-to-day basis for them to be able to do the same.



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