Together we achieve more

At, individual actions come together to create global impact. But we don’t work in silos. We work in teams. Smart, agile teams that can do anything. And take our business anywhere. Whether you’re crafting our product, supporting our customers or investing for the future, there’s a whole world of possibilities to discover.

Our teams


Located in the Amsterdam HQ, our engineering department consists of a widespread group of developers – from full stack to IOS – who come from every part of the world and speak over a 100 languages combined. Together, they break into small agile teams that help us innovate faster and serve a global user base of millions of travellers. 

Data Science & Analytics

At, we have one of the biggest communities of highly skilled data scientists in Europe. Together, they’re able to make sense of huge data sets using innovative approaches that improve the user experience for millions of travellers around the world. 

Security & Infrastructure

Our Security & infrastructure team works round the clock to champion accountability, increase risk management effectiveness and build a future-proof organisation. 


At, each day is an opportunity to bring your ideas to life. With one of the world’s largest datasets, extensive resources and the latest technologies at your fingertips, you can make incremental product improvements that directly impact our global travel community. 

Design & User Experience

Largely based in our Amsterdam HQ, every design team works together in a close-knitted environment, collaborating with the Product team to make each customer journey more seamless than the last. Optimisation is key, but the true impact lies in creating new experiences from scratch – keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do. 

IT Services

As the unsung heroes of every office, our IT Services teams don’t just solve the everyday issues but keep one of Europe’s leading technology companies operational 24/7.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is the most direct connection to our travel community, and therefore plays an essential role in our organisation. The team itself is just as diverse as the customers and partners they support and consists of tech-savvy travel experts that solve any challenge – from navigation to negotiation. Their shared passion for travel helps them deliver the perfect customer experience, day in, day out.

Business Development & Support

Our business development teams build and maintain the relationships that our company was founded on. They put destinations on the map, and help partners succeed in each respective local market. 

Finance & Legal

Another vital element of the family are our finance and legal teams who invest, assess and audit to make sure we’re making the best choices as a business. Their advice weighs heavily when it comes to significant changes which commercially affect the business. 


At, people always come first. That’s why our People team provides all kinds of support to our employees. They empower them to do their best work and reach their full potential while making sure they can learn and grow with our business.

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing and communication team tells the world our story on a global scale. They turn bold ideas into a beautifully crafted and creative narrative, measure the results, and continually think of ways to further improve them. 


Our leadership team shapes and define our vision and provide our employees with the resources to reach their full potential. We have come a long way, and engaged with millions of people around the world on a daily basis. But as we transform and scale our business and technology, clarity of vision and leadership is more important than ever.