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Come join one of our teams, either on the technical or corporate side. Each team is united by roles and specialisations.

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At, we are united by our mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. From FinTech to Accommodations, coding to customer service, when you love what you do and the people you work with, amazing things can happen. Read more about our business units below.

Business Units


With 28 million listings on our platform, it’s no surprise that Accommodations is at the core of our business. This business unit brings together teams from product development, technology, partner services and customer service to create a stellar user experience that seamlessly unites supply and demand. This vital cross-functional engine also works across Booking Holdings brands, helping drive growth in US markets and supporting the partners who list their properties on our platform with industry news, advice and opportunities to grow their businesses.


The Trips business unit is responsible for ‘Everything But The Stay’. Cars, Rides, Flights, Attractions, and Insurance – Trips has it all covered. They’re bringing to life our vision for building the connected trip, providing customers with a seamless and frictionless customer experience throughout their journey. When you’re ready to rent a car, summon a ride, or book an attraction, Trips helps you do what you want to do, while making it easy to get around once you get there.


Our FinTech business unit – with teams in Amsterdam, London and Shanghai – develops new products and drives innovation to help us continue removing financial friction from the travel process. That makes buying and selling travel-related products and services simpler for both travellers and partners across the globe. In addition to aggregating smart integrations to connect to payment providers and platforms around the world, our team is continuing to increase wallet functionality within the platform, innovating customer flexibility and mitigating risks.

Legal and Public Affairs

We conduct business across several countries, regions and jurisdictions. It’s a complex legal and commercial landscape that requires rock-solid advice and consultation. When you join the team, your expertise will contribute heavily to the decisions we make as a company to protect and serve – us, our partners and our guests.


When you see an irresistible offer that makes you click, you probably don’t think of all the hard work that went into grabbing your attention and moving you step-by-step through a marketing funnel. Our marketing business unit that develops those funnels is a deep one. They cover the intricacies of search, metasearch and SEO, but also creative brand messaging, email marketing, communications, partnerships, and consumer research. They work together in lock step to bring great deals to customers and help our partners outperform the competition.


Without great people, our organisation can’t successfully execute on any of our plans. This is why our People business unit has its own mission statement – to make it easier for everyone to do their best work, together, at We want every one of our employees to be proud to work alongside us and feel supported in the growth of their careers. Indeed, our success depends on it.


This business unit builds, maintains and continuously improves our technological foundation, which touches every single aspect of our business. These teams work together to ensure we collect data responsibly, use it effectively, and stay on top of the latest trends and techniques. From ensuring robust user privacy practices to growing machine learning innovations to making sure every device that connects us is 100% cybersecure, this business unit takes on a lot of responsibility.


Making sure everyone gets paid is just the start for our Finance business unit. Among other things, they handle quarterly earnings reports, cash management, budgeting, procurements, forecasting and tax located around the globe. As the world becomes increasingly more digitised, the role of big data and analytics becomes ever more important to how we run our business – and the role and influence of our Finance team grows.

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