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Our values in action

Small wins, big impact, every day.

Do the right thing

We believe that travel is a force for good in the world, with the power to empower entrepreneurs and their communities, as well as open minds and increase understanding and acceptance of other cultures. One of our core values is do the right thing, for each other and for communities around the world. As we promote our mission, we also want to do right by our planet and the people who live in it. From helping our neighbours to promoting environmentally-conscious travel, learn more about a few of our initiatives below. Cares Cares is an employee volunteer programme that empowers our workforce to drive inclusion, wellbeing and sustainability. This happens through volunteering, donations and more - all during working hours. Since the programme began in 2014, over 172,000 working hours have been donated, by almost 6,000 employees across more than 2,100 projects worldwide.

Travel Proud

We are working closely with B.proud, our employee resource group for LGBTQIA+ community members and allies along with Hospitable.Me experts to introduce the Travel Proud programme, which helps make travel a safer, more enjoyable experience for all travellers.

Accommodations for refugees

In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Europe and the rest of the world saw a dramatic increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine seeking shelter on their way to safer places. Driven by our values, gathered several teams who were able to build a new product within our portfolio, enabling partners to offer rooms for free, or with a minimum 50% discount if free is not economically feasible for them. All refugees from the war in Ukraine, including residents with non-Ukrainian passports are eligible.

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Three ways the travel sector can redefine globalisation

At, we believe that the travel sector has a role to play in redefining globalisation, making it about local opportunities on a global scale, rather than global reach from a few locations.


Supporting Ukraine

Beginning March 21, 2022,’s technology is helping our partners offer free and heavily discounted accommodations in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and more to help refugees fleeing Ukraine at this unimaginable time.