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Women in Tech

From seeking serenity to searching for risk

Zulal’s role at is all about looking for potential risks, making sure what could go wrong, just never does. She helps make sure our systems are protected and our teams are prepared. 

So when she travels, she wants to unwind completely. Whether that’s sitting in a Florence café with a coffee and a good book. Or snoozing on the beach back home in Turkey.

We all need the chance to recharge. And making sure our team members find the work-life balance (and the trips away) that help them do that, is just as important as finding the perfect travel experiences for our customers.

Challenges encourage growth

Zulal followed her heart and moved to the Netherlands in 2018. After that, she joined our team in 2019, in lively Amsterdam, and everything else just fell into place easily after. “Moving to Amsterdam allowed me to be in a highly international work environment. This taught me to work with different backgrounds and different work cultures.” And after joining, Zulal’s experience and career reached new peaks. “When I switched to, my horizon for IT knowledge was widened. After all, I joined a tech-based company with a very complex IT environment. This carried me to the next step in my career, with more experience added. And challenges always drive me to perform better.”

“It excites me to see I can push my limits. It means I am learning and I am growing.”

Never forget about exploring the world

Although Zulal admits she doesn’t have the Monday blues at – largely because of her great team, because “I do really like the people that I work with”, work-life balance is a key element for

“I try to plan two types of holidays every year. One is a must-have seaside holiday, where I relax on a sandy beach and read my book. The second is more for exploring a new country or a new place. I walk in nature, explore the surroundings, eat local food and experience the rhythm of the local life.”

But whatever trip she’s on, Zulal never breaks her no-work rule. “In both versions, I completely leave my current setting – log off from your phone and computer and experience a new place with all your senses. This is an ultimate relaxation for my mind and helps me to completely reset.”

A tech company where wellbeing counts

“ is an agile, dynamic and very international company.”, Zulal continued. “I would recommend it to anyone who likes to learn something new everyday, in a fast paced working environment, as well as a strong technology focus. And it’s a bonus to be surrounded by smart but humble people, who value your free time, as well as your working hours.”

Helping our teams find work-life balance is our priority, so why not join a company where wellbeing counts? Learn more about our benefits here

At it’s more than a job, it’s a journey. #mybookingcomjourney

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