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Making an impact - Shalima

What is B.bold and what is your role within the Employee Resource Group?

B.bold is a community for Black employees and their allies at, and we aim to support, retain and grow Black employees into future leaders, within our organisation and beyond. In my role as a Co-Chair, my aim is to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for current and future employees. I hope to build community, accentuate our culture and foster an environment where we all have the opportunity to thrive!

How has being a member of B.bold made an impact on your life both personally and professionally?

Being a member of B.bold has really supported my ability to network! I have truly been able to build meaningful relationships and connect with colleagues across the globe, from different walks of life. These relationships have evolved into mentee/mentorships and have provided a platform to connect with senior leaders in a way where our ERG can intentionally enact change and drive momentum around B.bold initiatives.

Do you have a favourite memory from a B.bold event or activity? If so, what is it?

B.bold hosts networking events at different offices throughout the year. During our ‘New York B.bold in the City’ event, our community and allies really came together to celebrate and embrace Black culture! We had thought-provoking conversations on what true community and allyship can look like, enjoyed foods from Black cultures and closed the session with a Soul Train line! This event stands out to me because it really showed me that we are stronger together and represent how we, as, employees come together to learn and grow.

In your opinion, what does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

To me, it means equity and equality. In order for me to do my best work, I need to feel a sense of belonging and alignment with my company’s values. That means doing my part in creating an environment that values and respects what makes us different while fostering intersectionality, and cohesiveness.

I have to be a part of the change I want to see in the world and my ERG work at allows me to do this each day!

What are some of the benefits of joining an ERG?

There are so many benefits to joining an ERG! The work we do directly impacts our company culture, fosters a strong sense of community, and promotes cultural awareness. On a personal note, joining ERGs creates opportunities for personal and professional development, while allowing you to grow skills you may otherwise not use in your core roles. I am currently working on an ERG rebranding session. This isn’t a typical conversation in my day to day but I will use this new skillset and adopt it into other functions that will support my growth, team development and the business. In essence, ERG work helps you to thrive in your career while contributing to a more inclusive environment.


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