Shanghai is not only a city where life goes on way beyond the daylight hours, but also China’s largest city and global financial center. It is an important tech innovation center and that is why we are developing FinTech operations and Product Development centers there. We admire China’s rich culture and history which inspired many artists, writers from all over the world. Unique architecture, stunning nature and amazing food make this country an important place for us and our partners.

Our Shanghai Office

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“As a team lead, the most important thing for me is to build a team that can trust each other and succeed together. is a company which is made successful by people from all over the world. Team members were grown in different cultures with various backgrounds. The only possible way to succeed in the company is to respect diversity.”

Yang, Engineering Manager

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We’ve seen this city evolve into one of the world’s leading tech hubs. 

Home of our main ground transportation hub.

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