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The world is a pretty big place, but we continue to innovate across every office around the globe. We’re solving some of the most complex challenges in travel and technology and plan for exciting opportunities ahead. With our mind focussed on the future and strategic investments to fulfill our long-term strategy, we’re continuously looking for new talent, opening new career opportunities, teams and projects that help achieve our mission. Find out what our (and your) future has in store, and learn more about the latest developments, research and initiatives that make it easier for everyone to experience the world.

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The Future of Travel

While 2020 has impacted our daily lives in ways we never thought possible, our desire to experience the world remains strong. Every day, travellers around the globe are finding new ways to safely explore both near and beyond. Data lets us catch a glimpse of the future, and helps us predict the trends that will define the future of travel in the years to come. 

These predictions -summed up in nine key trends- are based on our own research from over 20,000 travellers across 28 countries, coupled with insights from data.

How creates a unique customer experience, inclusive to everyone is the go-to digital travel platform for millions of people around the world, and we’re committed to offer an inclusive customer experience to each and everyone of them. That inclusiveness starts with our employees, who represent over 140 nationalities and a wide range of ethnic and social backgrounds, gender and sexual identities. The recent launch of the Travel Proud programme is our latest initiative to further drive inclusion, taking another step forward towards our mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. encourages unity with the launch of ‘America Is For Everyone’

At, we believe that what unites us makes us stronger. That’s why our latest campaign invites Americans travellers to reconnect with the international cultures that shaped this great nation.

Beyond algorithms: Ranking at scale at

While most literature about Machine Learning focuses on the algorithmic aspect of ranking, there aren’t many publications about the intricacies of developing a Machine Learning powered ranking that directly impacts business success. 

This article, published in ComplexRec’s Recsys 2020, highlights the challenges that Themis Mavridis, Soraya Hausl, Andrew Mende and Roberto Pagano face when developing a large-scale, Machine Learning powered ranking at