Stories from across the globe

At, we know people experience the world differently. That’s why we believe diversity gives us strength. Below is a collection of stories about the people behind our company and all the ways they experience the world.

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Parham's story

A New way of solving problems
Parham has had to overcome challenges his whole life. Now, as a developer at, when he solves a problem, he does it for millions of customers. And that makes him feel pretty special.
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Phamotse's story

A Journey of acceptance

He grew up thinking he wouldn’t be accepted for who he was. Or who he loved. He had to challenge himself to have the courage to always be himself. Thankfully, he didn’t have to do this alone. He had family and friends who supported him. A company that welcomed him. And colleagues that accepted him.
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Lucie's story

A Balanced work life
Lucie is a data scientist, a particle physicist, a team leader, horse rider, mother and wife. Finding the balance between all of this meant leaving a life of academia behind. Moving her analytical mind from research databases to technology datasets. Spending more time with her family and less time in her notes. Fortunately for Lucie, she works in a country, city and company that give her the freedom to do this.
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Wendy's story

Rediscovery your Rhythm
Wendy left Kenya for love. It meant leaving behind her family, friends and the confidence to fully express herself. Now that confidence is back. Her family is growing. New friends keep her connected to Kenya. And her colleagues, well, they’re always happy to jam.
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Willem's story

A Sense of adventure
For Willem, curiosity isn’t just about exploring the world. It’s about constantly learning. Discovering new skills. And testing ideas. Of course, he still likes to get out and see the world – usually from about 300 metres up.
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Dima's story

Building a Community
Dima is more than a data scientist and team lead, he’s one of the originators of Tel Aviv’s thriving scientific communities. He’s also a tutor, a mentor and a father – helping to build a community that’s building the technology of tomorrow.
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Danielle's story:

Thriving on change
Adapting to new situations is simply part of every day of Danielle’s life. She thrives on this change. Danielle is both a parent and a product performance specialist. Thankfully, 20 years of coaching has given her plenty of experience in getting the best out of people.
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Chalom's story

Long distance thinking
Chalom is a runner. Morning after morning, mile after mile, he hits the road. But this isn’t jogging. This is ultra marathon running. It gives him time to reflect on the past and focus on the future. To remember his father and think about his son.
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Elena's story

Illustrating your passion
Elena is an artist. Her passion is illustration. As a UX designer, she made our products beautiful to use. Now, she’s making them​​​​​​​beautiful to behold.