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Our Product team

Discover how small product decisions scale up to make a huge impact

Small wins, big impact.

With extensive resources, the latest technology and one of the world’s largest datasets at your fingertips, you’ll learn how to make product improvements that directly impact our global travel community.

Charlotte’s career journey

After an unexpected career standstill, Charlotte, a Senior Product Manager, was left wondering where to take her career next. She jumped between roles, moving cities and taking pay cuts as she went. In the end, her risks have reaped rewards. She was able to convince leadership that she’d earned the role of product owner, as she’d been essentially doing that role for years.

Our people’s perspectives

We work in a candid and cooperative manner. While we need to be decisive and driven, we always manage to challenge one another while maintaining empathy and respect for each other’s craft and competency.


Senior Director of Product


The sense of community at is truly incredible. I’ve never felt uncomfortable reaching out to someone for help or support. Everyone is always so willing to help you and happy to collaborate. We are a thriving Product community with so many opportunities to connect with colleagues all over the world.


Group Product Manager


My team’s mission is to ensure that our customers have a seamless end-to-end experience. Given that many trips start with a flight, we believe our work is directly connected with helping people explore the world in an easy way.


Group Product Manager


Our Messaging API Product is a two-sided marketplace, where suppliers known as our partners - hotels, vacation rentals, flights, cars, and attractions - are matched with their demand from travellers. Many product teams in operate within this two-sided setup continuously striving to deliver great value to both travellers and partners simultaneously. Read about our journey to solve the messaging needs of partners enabling seamless communication with travellers pre and post-trip on a platform of their choice.

It’s more than a job, it’s a journey

From application tips to interview tutorial videos, our site is full of resources to help you pave your own career path.