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At, we know there’s only one place where the speed of execution meets creativity: Tel-Aviv. A vibrant technology hub with a high quality workforce who aren’t afraid of failure. Situated along the coastline with a Mediterranean climate, the city features rich agricultural areas juxtaposed with cutting-edge tech offices. A mix of contemporary innovation and historical architecture, our office in Tel-Aviv is a bright spark helping to power the future of travel.

Inside the Tel Aviv office

Here is why you should join us in Tel Aviv

Given the hustle and bustle of the ‘Non-stop City’, it is no surprise that Tel Aviv holds our Machine Learning Center. Our employees are constantly challenging the status quo and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. From personalisation to voice recognition, image processing to neuro-linguistic, you have the opportunity to take risks and innovate during your career journey. Maybe you’re an expert in Pricing Intelligence or have the skills for developing impactful and scalable ML Platforms. Perhaps you enjoy attending tech conferences or being part of an academic publication. No matter what area of Machine Learning you’re passionate about, our Tel-Aviv office is waiting for you.

Meet some of our Tel Aviv colleagues​

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Dima’s story: Building a Community

Dima is more than a data scientist and team lead, he’s one of the originators of Tel Aviv’s thriving scientific communities. He’s also a tutor, a mentor and a father – helping to build a community that’s building the technology of tomorrow.

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Chalom’s story: Long distance thinking

Chalom is a runner. Morning after morning, mile after mile, he hits the road. But this isn’t jogging. This is ultra marathon running. It gives him time to reflect on the past and focus on the future. To remember his father and think about his son.

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