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‘Mokum,’ as the locals lovingly call Amsterdam, comes from the Yiddish word ‘makom,’ meaning ‘safe haven.’ It’s been our hometown for the past two decades and offers tons of possibilities, from strolling along the cobbled streets of the Jordaan to admiring Van Gogh’s stunning Sunflowers. It’s not hard to see why 1.1 million people of 176 different nationalities have decided to call Amsterdam home.Over the years, we’ve seen this city evolve into one of the world’s leading tech hubs. 

Today, our global HQ comprises multiple offices across the city, welcoming employees specialized in Operations, Development, Product and Technology, Marketing, Data, Finance, Account Management, HR and more. In the very near future however, most of these expertises will meet over coffee at our new campus, which is being constructed as we speak. The 65,000 m² campus, placed on the tip of Oosterdokseiland, will become a lively environment where people can meet, collaborate, inspire and unwind.

Discover the Amsterdam Tech scene

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The city

The capital of the Netherlands has for centuries been a bastion of liberalism, enterprise, tolerance and diversity, making it the perfect fit for today’s thriving tech industries.

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The people

Why the people – and Dutch culture – are the reason the tech industry is thriving in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam is fast becoming the centre for technology in Europe. And at its beating heart is a company that has been revolutionising travel for more than 20 years…

Relocation to Amsterdam

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Amsterdam: Where the happiest kids live

Andy is a designer, father and English expat. He moved from the quiet of the Worcestershire countryside to the relative quiet of Amsterdam 5 years ago. He still gets greenery, community and beautiful surroundings, only now it’s right in the heart of the city. Plus, he’s growing his family where the world’s happiest kids live.

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Your new home

Melody is a Londoner who began her journey in Paris. Now, she’s a resident of another of Europe’s cultural capitals – Amsterdam. And here in the Netherlands, Melody has realised a dream few UX copywriters under 35 ever get close to back in the Big Smoke… she is a homeowner.

Meet some of our Amsterdam colleagues

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Parham's story

Parham has had to overcome challenges his whole life. Now, as a developer at, when he solves a problem, he does it for millions of customers. And that makes him feel pretty special.
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Lucie's story

Lucie is a data scientist, a particle physicist, a team leader, horse rider, mother and wife. Finding the balance between all of this meant leaving a life of academia behind. Moving her analytical mind from research databases to technology datasets. Spending more time with her family and less time in her notes.
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Phamotse's story

He grew up thinking he wouldn’t be accepted for who he was. Or who he loved. He had to challenge himself to have the courage to always be himself. Thankfully, he didn’t have to do this alone. He had family and friends who supported him. A company that welcomed him. And colleagues that accepted him.