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5 questions with...Valens Paul

Describe your role at

As a Senior Internal Recruitment Partner at, I have dual responsibilities towards hiring managers and our internal talent. I collaborate with our hiring managers to find talent within and advocate for internal mobility. With our colleagues, I transition into a talent advisor, assisting them in identifying their career path within the company.

What is your favourite part of our Amsterdam office?

The campus is a source of inspiration and a testament to our brand. It’s a space that facilitates collaboration. The location is right in the heart of Amsterdam, with breathtaking views throughout the year. You can’t miss the amazing restaurants, cafe and terraced space to help connect with colleagues. My favourite area has to be the rooftop overlooking Amsterdam Noord with a view of the trains, the ships passing by, and the canals. It’s the perfect spot to relax and take a break from work.

How are you helping to make it easier for everyone to experience the world?

I am privileged to assist in staffing our exciting product teams within our FinTech Business Unit, who are assisting in the development of products to make it easy to pay for your holidays through multiple options. The icing on the cake is the ability to do this while making it easier for my own colleagues to experience different careers within

As someone who relocated to Amsterdam, why should someone consider this location as a place to live and work?

Amsterdam gives me the freedom to be myself in an environment that welcomes people from all cultures and backgrounds. Small weekend markets, summertime in the parks with cycling paths that connect the entire Netherlands, and the picturesque canals are just a few of the things I appreciate every day. Looking back, I would not have done anything differently after moving continents and climates to Amsterdam.

You previously worked in the Events and Operations industry before moving into Recruitment. What advice can you give for someone who is looking to make a career change?

When transitioning to any new field, start by assessing your skills and researching the target industry. Highlight transferable skills, consider additional education if needed, and build a professional network through networking events and online platforms. Tailor your resume and LinkedIn profile, seek mentorship, gain practical experience through internships, and be patient and adaptable throughout the process. Express genuine passion during interviews, emphasising how your background aligns with the new career.


Learn more about working for in Amsterdam here.

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