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5 questions with...Almor Dayoan

Describe your role at

I work in the Finance department, specifically in Accounts Payable, as a Senior Accounts Payable Accountant. I mainly work with Canada and Puerto Rico but also assist with the US if needed.

What is your favourite part about our New York office?

I like that you can work in different environments all in one office. I can be with my team in the Finance department but if I want a little more privacy I can always book a room to work in. I also have the ability to work in our large cafeteria or in our open spaces where I can run into other co-workers while being close to all the wonderful snacks that are provided for us.

Which of our 5 key values do you relate to the most and why?

‘Succeed together’ is probably the one I relate to the most. Once a year I meet with my colleagues from other regions around the world. We discuss our current bottlenecks and what areas we have success in. This way we learn from each other and bring this knowledge back to our local teams. This helps our own team become more efficient and helps us reach our objectives.

You’ve been at for over 9 years! What are some of the reasons that you’ve stayed so long?

One of the main reasons why I’ve been at for over 9 years are the people who work here. Everyone has the freedom to be who they are and that’s very refreshing. If you work for, you instantly belong and are welcomed no matter which country you are based in.

What is one way that you’re helping to make it easier for everyone to experience the world?

Since that’s our mission at, it’s important for myself and my team to enable our colleagues to be more efficient in their everyday tasks. My team works to communicate the changes and assist our employees in order to improve efficiency. By making it easier for us as employees to do our work, we help make it easier for our customers to experience the world.

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