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From riding great waves to finding great people

Joris’ role at is all about people. His day-to-day tasks are all centred around searching for the right people for the right roles at the right time. This means being the lead of all processes in targeting, processing, assessing and hiring the future colleagues that meet our business needs at

Joris followed his keen interest in the people side of business during his studies to become a Talent Advisor. And was the perfect place for him.

A 360 degree view of people

Joris spends his days searching for the perfect people to answer key business questions. “My current position is all about being a 360 degree Talent Advisor.” Being the business partner on all talent-related problems delivers value far beyond simply filling the hiring needs. At their core, a Talent Advisor like Joris is a strategic influencer who sees the company as their customer and the Hiring Manager as their partner and who uses speed, equality and diversity as their key measures of success. is a people-first organisation and Joris definitely agrees. After all, people are our biggest asset, and management recognises that.

Joris works together with business stakeholders, Recruitment Marketing, Human Resources, Coordination and Event Organisers. “What I really love to do is to manage all the stakeholders for a project towards the same goal – filling our hiring needs”.

“What also helps is really standing behind the product you are selling”. In Joris’ view, working at can be an incredible opportunity. After all, we do offer numerous benefits for our employees. When helping candidates join our extensive team, Joris really feels he can make a positive impact on their lives.

“I feel appreciated and valued by the business and by senior management."

A fast growing tech company

Globally, is the largest online travel company. As such, it’s inevitable that our teams are also diverse. This diversity creates new perspectives, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving as well as increased innovation. “For anyone who would like to work in a truly diverse environment, I would recommend There are nine nationalities just within my direct team of 13 people”.

At no processes are set in stone, creating an agile environment. As a company, we’re committed to changing and adapting our ways of working in order to make them better. We’re consistently challenging ourselves and each other to improve. Joris believes that having a culture of continuous growth – while challenging at times – can make for rewarding work and is an essential aspect of a good working environment.

With a cool and casual culture and a relatively flat hierarchy, colleagues at communicate quite openly and can freely share their ideas across the company.

Wellbeing and work-life balance

Joris passionately shares a core value of the importance of holding a great work-life balance with “I take full advantage of the flexibility that offers. I travel a lot and in my view – in the longer term – your productivity will only increase because of the travel adventures”.

When Joris travels, he wants to unwind completely. Whether that’s on a surf trip with friends, on a Spanish beach, soaking up the sun or on a longer trip to the US, Joris’ tip to total relaxation is to switch everything off and just fully experience the destination. Whatever the destination, Joris’ advice is to just go on that trip you’re excited about. And at you always get the opportunity to go on that trip.

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