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Making an impact - Danny

What is B.proud and what is your role within the Employee Resource Group?

B.proud is one of’s Employee Resource Groups, dedicated to supporting our LGBTQ+ colleagues and their allies globally. I’m Co-Chair of a 10-person steering committee and between us, our support ranges from activations and educational moments, to diverse celebrations and community connections locally, regionally and globally. We think it’s so important that all colleagues are treated equitably at, therefore we partner with the business to ensure our internal policies and procedures fairly represent our LGBTQ+ colleagues.

How has being a member of B.proud made an impact on your life both personally and professionally?

When taking on the role of co-chair, I felt overwhelmed at how I could possibly support such a diverse global community. So my goal was simple… positively impact 1 colleague somewhere in the world by helping them feel seen, heard and celebrated for who they are. As the months have passed with many different global campaigns and activities spanning the LGBTQ+ spectrum, we have received many messages of thanks from colleagues who feel a sense of belonging to the community across the world. A particular moment of pride was when the community came together to raise 7,000 EUR for a charity supporting the global effort to end AIDS by 2030. A donation campaign of which matched the donations euro for euro.

Do you have a favourite memory from a B.proud event or activity? If so, what is it?

To date, I loved the World Aids Day event hosted by two of RuPaul’s drag queens. The event brought employees together to connect over drinks, nibbles and drag bingo! But the message was clear, HIV is still affecting the lives of humans globally and it’s the stigma of the virus that’s preventing the end. So interlaced in the community spirit of drag bingo, we revealed facts in a flash about HIV and AIDS so that colleagues felt empowered with knowledge to play their part in supporting each other and the world to end this senseless virus which does not discriminate. Raising the amount of money that we did for charity was the cherry on top of the cake.

There was also that time I joined the professional dance crew on the Boat during Amsterdam Pride….

How does celebrate Pride Month?

Our B.proud Committee works hard to bring a variety of globally accessed content ranging from live streams with business leaders, to fireside chats with LGBTQ+ activists. We also create educational content, videos, infographics and storytelling moments to unite the community. Celebrations span far and wide, where offices across the globe display our Pride Month content and unite employees locally with Pride themed lunches and work socials. We’ve even hired the cinema for a private screening of The Little Mermaid here in Amsterdam where we have our biggest LGBTQ+ colleague community.

"At B.proud HQ, we recognise we can’t change the entire world and the (in)human rights governed by local laws in some places, but we can work hard to make sure that every single employee across the world feels safe and empowered to be their authentic selves at work so that they can focus on their sense of pride for being the amazing humans that they are."

What does having pride mean to you?

For me… pride in the context of the LGBTQ+ community, is the feeling of being empowered enough and safe enough to live the authentic life that we all deserve. In the absence of these conditions, it’s the recognition that you are equal and deserving of equality, just as you are. 




To learn more about how we incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace every day, click here. 

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