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It’s not by coincidence that Manchester hosts our main ground transportation hub. The city has always had a rich history of invention and innovation; it’s the birthplace of the first-ever intercity railway, it’s where Charles Rolls met Henry Royce, Alan Turing devised his AI test and Ferranti developed the world’s first commercial computer. shares Manchester’s passion for innovation, tech, transport and travel. To help us pursue our ambition of becoming the planet’s leading digital travel platform, we’ve welcomed, the world’s biggest online car rental service, to our ground transportation unit. Together with the help of talented tech, customer support, marketing and HR specialists who closely collaborate with our other offices, we aim to make experiencing the world easier for everyone.

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“ has somehow defied the stereotype of a large company where an employee simply being a small cog in a big wheel. Being the leader of the industry means what we work on is constantly evolving and we aren’t afraid to explore new things. The culture is very much based around creating an environment that encourages diversity of thought, people and working practices. There is no one size fits all and its hard not to feel excited about working for a company that encourages you to be invested in common goals but really own them.”

Sakina, Product Manager

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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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