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Meet our People team

At, our People department’s mission is ‘making it easier for everyone to do their best work,’ and we’re determined to hire the best talent to help us do just that.

Inside our People team

Our People team is focussed of finding the right people for the right roles at the right time. Made up of Human Resources, Recruitment, Talent Marketing, Talent Intelligence, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Learning and Development, Rewards and more, there’s a range of roles. We handle all things related to people so that all our employees are empowered to do their best work.

Unique people united by one mission

When you join the People team, you’ll get friendly with colleagues from around the globe to help them do their best work, strive to reach their full potential and have lots of fun while they’re doing it. If you love diversity, inclusion and meeting people from all over the world, you’ll love being on the People team.

Our people's perspectives

As an Internal Recruitment Partner, my role involves ensuring a seamless internal candidate experience, maintaining compliance with hiring policies and driving internal mobility by aligning employee aspirations with business needs while providing career coaching and development opportunities.


Internal Recruitment Partner


There is something special about working in the People department. As a Data Analyst, I do my best everyday to make sure the right data gets to the right people so we can secure the best talent for


Data Analyst

Talent Intelligence

What I like most about my team is the space for exchanging ideas and helping each other. We often brainstorm and do research to come up with innovative communication ideas.


Talent Content Specialist

Talent Marketing

From riding great waves to finding great people

Joris spends his days searching for the perfect people to answer key business questions. "My current position is all about being a 360 degree Talent Advisor.” Being the business partner on all talent-related problems delivers value far beyond simply filling the hiring needs. A Talent Advisor like Joris is a strategic influencer who sees the company as their customer and the Hiring Manager as their partner and who uses speed, equality and diversity as their key measures of success.

It’s more than a job, it’s a journey

From application tips to interview tutorial videos, our site is full of resources to help you pave your own career path.