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Women in Tech

5 questions with...Eunhee Kim

Describe your role at

I’m a Paid Social Media Specialist in our Growth Marketing & Measurement team. I manage campaigns for paid social media such as Meta (Facebook/Instagram), and work with many different stakeholders to keep our campaigns performing to meet our team objectives. This includes coming up with my own experiment theories and conducting them to keep learning. If you have seen any of our Accommodations or Flights ads on your social media accounts, that’s our team’s work!

Which of our 5 key values do you relate to the most and why?

‘Learn forever’ because I feel this helps to give me a purpose for working. Big or small, I enjoy learning new things and keeping my mind open to accept differences and try to solve problems. I believe learning also helps me to collaborate better with others.

What is your favourite part of our Amsterdam office?

This is the most beautiful office I’ve ever worked at! As a commuter from a different city outside of Amsterdam, the location is just perfect with a 7 minute walk from the train station. Each restaurant in the office is also very nice for lunch, snacks, and coffee. Last but not least, the people I interact with in the office are great! 

How are you helping to make it easier for everyone to experience the world?

On our team, we are making it easier for the customers to book their trips and experience the world via social media where they spend a lot of their time.

What advice do you have for women looking to join the tech industry?

I used to be intimidated by the tech industry as I thought I wasn’t ‘techy’ enough to understand the field and work there. But then, I thought I use technology every day and there is no reason to be intimidated by it. I think staying up to date with TechCrunch and other tech media outlets is super helpful to have some overview of the industry. Also, if you focus on showing how data driven you are, and how eager you are to learn and apply insights, you’ll see success in your career.


Want to know more about working in our Amsterdam office? Click here.

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